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Property Finder : is software for Real Estate Marketing to find the list of property in a particular or multiple location/area. This is a customize software for any real estate and property dealer. Our software is easily set in you business environment and it is user friendly software.

Successful REALTORS don’t waste time for searching the property list, Buyer list for every leads or struggle to find the correct contact information of property owner, Buyer and seller. Instead they use software like the Property Finder to find a fully qualified list of records within a second into thousand of records.


  • Used Advanced searching technique.
  • You can easily find the records according to multiple location/area, city, size of property, type of property (like FLAT, FLOOR, PLOT, etc).
  • Mail list of records.
  • Print list of records.
  • Save list of records in other document file.
  • Manage all master tables by admin.
  • Add new records and editing the old records.

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